Prof. Dr.rer.nat. Umar Fauzi

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Undergraduate Degree, Institut Teknologi Bandung, 1988
Doctoral Degree, Universitaet zu Koeln, Germany , 1997

Elementary Physics, Physics and Industry, Modeling of Physical System

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1. Utilization and Development of Image Processing and Analysis Software for Sample Characterization Study of Digital Micro CT Scan Results (2014),

2. Characterization of Porous Medium Digital Based on Micro-Computed Tomography Scan (?-CT Scan): Case Study of Porous Rock (2014) ,

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4. Visualization and Characterization of Crack-Type of Pore Space in Geothermal Reservoir Rock Using Image Analysis of Micro-CT Scan (2013)

5. Study of Characteristic of Random Grain Penetrable Model and Gravity Driven Sedimentation Model (2013)

6. Study of Rock Pore Shape Using Fourier Descriptor Analysis (2012)

7. Modeling and Reconstruction of Sandstone from Various Regions in Indonesia Using Grain-Based Methods (2012)

8. Modeling of 3D Sedimentation Granules Under the Influence of Gravity Using Molecular Dynamics (2012)