Prof. Dr. Toto Winata

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Undergraduate Degree, Institut Teknologi Bandung, 1985
Doctoral Degree, Murdoch University, 1987-1991
Visiting Professorship, Tokyo Institute of Technology, 1993
Visiting Professorship, Murdoch University, 1997

Atomic Physics and Semiconductor based Electronic Materials

1. T. Winata, A. Eliyana, and A. Rosikhin, CNT Syntesis using LT-HWC-IP VHF-PECVD Technique for Solar Cell Application, Advanced Technological Development and Innovation in Energy Engineering, 13-14 August 2014, Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

2. T. Winata, V. Suendo, A. Eliyana, I. F. Suherman , and A. Rosikhin, Carbon Based Thin Film Materials Deposited by HWIP-PECVD Method for Sensor Applications, International Conference on Sensor, Sensor System and Actuator, May 28-29, 2014, Bandung.

3. T. Winata, Materials’ Research and Development for Solar Cells, Focus Group Discussion on Renewable Energy, 28 August 2013, Semarang State University, Ungaran-Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia.

4. T. Winata, L2 Method and Algebraic Computation Approach for Target in Atomic Collision Calculation, 4th International Conference in Frontier Physics, 27-30 August 2013, Kualalumpur, Malaysia.

5. R.A. Salam, A. Rosikhin, G. M. Kartiwa, D. Anggoro, dan T. Winata, Studi Preparasi Nanokatalis Perak (Ag) untuk Penumbuhan Silikon Nanowire, Prosiding Seminar Nasional Material 2013, Bandung, 54-56.

6. A. Saripudin, H. Saragih, Khairurrijal, T. Winata dan P. Arifin, Effect of Growth Temperature on Cobalt-doped TiO2 Thin Films deposited on Si (100) Substrate by MOCVD Technique, International Conference on Advanced Materials Science and Technology, 2013, Yogyakarta.

7. A. Rosikhin, T. Winata, R.A. Salam, I. Firdaus, D. Anggoro , G. Mardian and V. Suendo, Principal Study of Carbon Nanomaterials Structure Synthesized via Hot Wire Cell Very High Frequency PECVD Method, International Conference on Advanced Materials Science and Technology, 2013, Yogyakarta.

8. A. Rosikhin, T. Winata, D. Anggoro , A. Elyana, M. R. Mahmudi, R.A. Salam, I. Firdaus and V. Suendo, Surface and Morpholgy of Carbon Nanomaterials Synthesized by HWC-VHF-PECVD Method, 5th Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Symposium, 2013, Surabaya.

9. T. Winata, Challenge of Photovoltaic Industry Development, International Conference and Workshop on Solar Energy, 11-14 December 2012, Bandung

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16. T. Winata, Pemanfaatan Nanomaterial untuk meningkatkan Efisiensi Sel Surya, Workshop Material 2012 : Kontribusi Riset Nanomaterial dalam mengatasi Krisis Energi Nasional, 29-30 Mei 2012, Bandung.

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21. Andhy Setiawan, Altje Latununuwe, Euis Sustini, and Toto Winata, “Simple Method for Synthesizing Pt Nano-Droplets as Metal Catalyst in SiNW Deposition”, J. Mat. Sci. Eng, 5(5), 2011, 541

22. Alina Cynthia Dewi, Toto Winata dan Asep Sopandi, “Solar Module Design based on Multicrystalline Silicon Solar Cell”, PT LEN Industry, 2011.

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26. E.J.Sobirin, S.Sidopekso, and T. Winata, “Preparasi penumbuhan lapisan tipis a-Si:H dengan metode HWC-VHF-PECVD pada variasi daya rf”, Jurnal Fisika dan Aplikasinya, 5 (2), 2009, h.090206-1 – 4 (2009).

27. T.Winata, I.Usman, and Sukirno, “The optimization of discharge power for are scale-up fabrication of mc-Si:H based solar cell using home-made HWC-VHF PECVD Technique”, Proceedings of Asian Physics Symposium, pp.69-71 (2009).

1. Competitive Research Grant-DGHE (leader): Application of microcrystalline-hydrogenated amorphous silicon and hydrogenated amorphous germanium deposited by Hot Wire Cell – Very High Frequency Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition (HWC-VHF PECVD) system for high efficiency solar cell (2009)

2. National Strategic Research Grant-DGHE (leader) : Area scale-up development of hydrogenated microcrystalline silicon based solar cell devices by Very High Frequency Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition method for mass scale industrial production implementation (2009)

3. Priority Research Grant-ITB (leader) : Fabrication of Carbon nano Tube (CNT) by HWC_VHF_PECVD for solar cell application (2009)

4. Priority Research Grant-ITB (leader) : Improvement of CNT deposition efficiency at low temperature HWC-VHF-PECVD for solar cell application (2010)

5. Pekerti Grant-DGHE (Host, Participation University : Halouleo Univeristy, Palu) : Development of stacked solar cell based on a-Si:H as Top Cell and ?c-Si:H as Bottom Cell by using HWC-VHF-PECVD technique (2010-2011)

6. Decentralization Research Grant-DGHE (leader) : Deposition of Nanolayer Graphene using Plasma Enhanched CVD (PECVD) method and its application for solar cell (2013)

7. Innovation Research Grant (leader) : Study of Nanolayer Graphene deposition using Plasma Enhanched CVD (PECVD) method for solar cell application (2013)

8. Master leading to PhD Research Grant (leader) : Synthesis of Nanocomposite TiO2-Ge for Photo-Thermo-Electric Application (2013-2016)