Curiculum and Sylabus

We have total of 144 credits in our undergraduate program. First year: 36 credits; Compulsory subject: 58 credits; ITB compulsory subject: 8 credits.

1st Semester

 CodeCourse NameCredit(s)
1MA1101Mathematics IA 4
2FI1101Elementary Physics IA 4 (1)
3KI1101General Chemistry IA 3 (1)
4KU1160Pengenalan Keilmuan MIPA2
5KU1101Introduction to Engineering and Design I 2
6KU1001Sport 2

2nd Semester

 CodeCourse NameCredit(s)
1MA1201Mathematics IIA 4
2FI1201Elementary Physics IIA 4 (1)
3KI1201General Chemistry IIA 3 (1)
5KU1072Introduction to Information Technology B2
6KU1201Introduction to Engineering and Design II2

3rd Semester

 Code Course NameCredit(s)
1FI2101Mathematical Physics 1A 4
2FI2102Mechanics 4
3FI2103Electronics 4 (2)
4Elective Course 13
5Elective Course 22
6Elective Course 32

4th Semester

 CodeCourse NameCredit(s)
1FI2201Mathematical Physics IIA 4
2FI2202Electricity and Magnetism 4
3FI2203Measurement Technique and Experimental Data Acquisition 3
4FI2204Modern Physics 3 (1)
5Elective Course 43
6ITB Compulsory Course2

5th Semester

 CodeCourse NameCredit(s)
1FI3101 Waves 3
2FI3102 Thermal Physics 4
3FI3103 Quantum Physics 4
4FI3104 Experimental Physics I 2 (2)
5Elective Course 52
6Elective Course 62
7ITB Compulsory Course2

6th Semester

 CodeCourse NameCredit(s)
1FI3201 Experimental Physics II 2 (2)
2FI3202 Computational Physics 4
3Elective Course 73
4Elective Course 83
5Elective Course 93
6Elective Course 102
7ITB Compulsory Course2

7th Semester

 CodeCourse NameCredit(s)
1FI4091 Final Project I 3
2FI4101 Nuclear Physics 3
3Elective Course 113
4Elective Course 123
5Elective Course 132

8th Semester

 CodeCourse NameCredit(s)
1FI4201Solid State Physics 3
2FI4092Final Project II 3
3FI4093Final Project Seminar 1
4Elective Course 143
5Elective Course 153

ITB Compulsory Courses 

 CodeCourse NameCredit(s)
1KU206XReligion and Ethics2
2KU2071Pancasila and Citizenship2
3Management Course*2
4Environment Course *2

Elective Courses 

 CodeCourse NameCredit(s)Elective (P) or Special-Elective (PT)
1FI3211Advanced Quantum Physics 3PT
2FI2271Instrumentation System 3 (1)PT
3FI3281Statistical Physics 3PT
4FI3182Scientific Communication 3PT
5FI2283Programming and Simulation in Physics 3PT
6FI4184Computation of Physical System 3PT
7FI2112Introduction to Einstein Theory of Relativity 3PT
8FI3241Reactor Physics 3PT
9FI2251Radiological Physics 3PT
10FI3221Electromagnetic Interaction in Matter 3PT
11FI2161Earth Physics and Complex System 3PT
12FI3173Advanced Electronics 3PT
13FI3231Fluid Physics 3PT
14FI4096Independent Study 2PT
15FI3094Internship 2PT
16FI3213Einstein Theory of Relativity 2P
17FI3214Group Theory and Symmetry in Physics 3P
18FI4115Relativistic Quantum Mechanics 3P
19FI4241Nuclear Reaction and Nuclear Data 2P
20FI4142Thermalhydraulic and Nuclear Safety 2P
21FI3242Nuclear Fuel Management 2P
22FI3141Nuclear Application in Industry 2P
23FI4141Nuclear Instrumentation 2P
24FI4242Special Topic on Nuclear Physics 2P
25FI3274Microcontroller and Interface System 3P
26FI4278Granular System Computation 3P
27FI4175Selected Topic of Instrumentation Physics 2P
28FI3179Sensor System 2P
29FI3252Radiotherapy Physics 2P
30FI3152Radiodiagnostic Physics 2P
31FI3151Dosimetry and Radiation Protection 3P
32FI2151Biophysics 2P
33FI3251Electrophysiology and Bioenergetics 3P
34FI3163Electromagnetic Method 2P
35FI2262Physics of Environment and Natural Disaster 2P
36FI3266Econophysics 2P
37FI3265Physics of Geothermal System 2P
38FI3164Computational Complex Fluids 2P
39FI3267Rock Physics 2P
40FI4132Computation of Materials and Quantum Devices 2P
41FI3232Introduction to Electronic Material Physics 2P
42FI4231Physics and Technology of Semiconductor 2P
43FI4133Physics of Energy Material 2P
44FI4232Electronic Materials Processing 2P
45FI4131Nanoelectronic and Nanosystems 2P
46FI4221Physical Properties of Matter, Functional Materials 3P
47FI4221Materials Characterization Techniques 3P
48FI4122Photonics Theory and Applications 3P
49FI4222Synthesis and Physical Properties of Soft Matter 3P
50FI3176Medical Instrumentation 2P