Module Handbook

 CodeSubjectCreditsView and Download
1FI1101Elementary Physics IA4View + Download
2FI1201Elementary Physics IIA4View + Download
3FI2101Mathematical Physics 1A4View + Download
4FI2102Mechanics4View + Download
5FI2103Electronics3View + Download
6FI2112Introduction to Einstein Theory of Relativity3View + Download
7FI2151Biophysics2View + Download
8FI2161Earth Physics and Complex Systems3View + Download
9FI2201Mathematical Physics 2A4View + Download
10FI2202Electricity and Magnetism4View + Download
11FI2203Measurement Technique and Experimental Data Acquisition3View + Download
12FI2204Modern Physics3View + Download
13FI2251Radiology Physics3View + Download
14FI2262Environmental Physics and Natural Disaster2View + Download
15FI2271Instrumentation System3View + Download
16FI2283Programming and Simulation in Physics3View + Download
17FI3094Internship2View + Download
18FI3101Waves3View + Download
19FI3102Thermal Physics4View + Download
20FI3103Quantum Physics4View + Download
21FI3104Experimental Physics 13View + Download
22FI3141Nuclear Application in Industry2View + Download
23FI3151Dosimetry and Radiation Protection3View + Download
24FI3152Radiodiagnostic Physics2View + Download
25FI3163Electromagnetic Method2View + Download
26FI3164Computational Complex Fluids2View + Download
27FI3173Advanced Electronics3View + Download
28FI3176Medical Instrumentation System2View + Download
29FI3179 Sensor System2View + Download
30FI3182Scientific Communication3View + Download
31FI3201Experimental Physics 23View + Download
32FI3202Computational Physics4View + Download
33FI3211Advanced Quantum Physics4View + Download
34FI3213Einstein Theory of Relativity3View + Download
35FI3214Group Theory and Symmetry in Physics3View + Download
36FI3221Electromagnetic Interactions in Matter3View + Download
37FI3231Fluid Physics3View + Download
38FI3232Introduction to Electronics Materials Devices2View + Download
39FI3241Reactor Physics3View + Download
40FI3242Nuclear Fuel Management2View + Download
41FI3251Electrophysiology and Bioenergetics3View + Download
42FI3252Radiotherapy Physics2View + Download
43FI3265Physics of Geothermal System3View + Download
44FI3266Econophysics2View + Download
45FI3267Rock Physics2View + Download
46FI3274Microcontroller and Interfacing3View + Download
47FI3281Statistical Physics3View + Download
48FI4091Final Project 13View + Download
49FI4092Final Project 23View + Download
50FI4093Final Project Seminar1View + Download
515FI4096Independent Study2View + Download
52FI4101Nuclear Physics3View + Download
53FI4115Relativitistic Quantum Mechanics3View + Download
54FI4121Materials Characterization Techniques3View + Download
55FI4122Photonics Theory and Applications3View + Download
56FI4131Nanoelectronics and Nanosystem2View + Download
57FI4132Computation of Materials and Quantum Devices3View + Download
58FI4133Physics of Energy Materials2View + Download
59FI4141Nuclear Instrumentation2View + Download
60FI4142Thermal Hydraulic and Nuclear Safety2View + Download
61FI4175Capita Selecta of Physics Instrumentation2View + Download
62FI4184Computational of Physical System3View + Download
63FI4201Solid State Physics3View + Download
64FI4221Physical properties and functionalization of matter3View + Download
65FI4222Synthesis and Physical Properties of Soft Matter3View + Download
66FI4231Physics and Technology of semiconductors2View + Download
67FI4232Electronic Materials Processing2View + Download
68FI4241Nuclear Reaction and Nuclear Data3View + Download
69FI4242Special Topic on Nuclear Physics2View + Download
70FI4278Granular System Computation3View + Download