Fisika Teoritik Energi Tinggi dan Instrumentasi

Research activities of the Theoretical High Energy Physics and Instrumentation may be grouped into two main streams of research: researches in theoretical aspects of fundamental physics and researches in physical instrumentation.

The first research stream concentrates on theoretical high energy physics, the frontier of physics in understanding fundamental nature. The topic considered by member of the group include, among others, quantum field and gauge theory, topological gauge theory, supersymmetry and supergravity, integrable and dynamical systems, and superstring and brane world.

The second research stream weight on the development of sensors and system of instrumentation. This kind of research is very important in many aspects, including supporting research experiment in various research areas. The group develops, among others, sensors, imaging and signal processing, bioinstrumentation and also instrumentation for research and education purposes. The research covers design, fabrication, synthesis of sensor materials and sensors testing, and the development of instrumentation system for measurements and analytical equipment, procedure system for electronic devices calibration and other measurement devices, instrumentation system in industry, telemetry system, web-based instrumentation system.

This Research Division is supported by the following laboratories:

  1. Theoretical High Energy Physics
  2. Analytical Instrumentation
  3. Sensor
  4. Digital Signal Processing
  5. Advanced Computation
  6. Optical Measurement.

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