Fisika Nuklir dan Biofisika

Research topics in this Research Division consist of two areas: Nuclear Physics and Biophysics. Research agenda in Nuclear Physics is design and analysis on nuclear reactor safety and nuclear fuel cycle, especially nuclear power reactor Generation IV. The analysis covers neutronics, thermal hydraulics, and safety analysis. Support Devices for simulation programme, database and emulator are also developed in this Research Division. The development in theoretical nuclei is focused on the analysis of nuclear reaction and nuclear structure, for example quantum mechanics many body problems approach.

Research agenda in Biophysics consists of physical mechanism on bio-system (molecule, cell, organ), biophysics irradiation and medical physics. The topics cover molecular biophysics (function – structure relationship, basic principles on biochemistry reaction, bioluminescence and biosensor), membrane biophysics (transport phenomena, regulation system, and cellular automata, biophysics irradiation and medical physics (medical imaging, medical treatment methods, and nuclear medicine). This Research Division is supported by the following laboratories: Nuclear and Reactor Physics, Nuclear fuel and waste management, Biophysics, and Medical Physics.

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