Curiculum and Sylabus

We have total of 144 credits in our undergraduate program.

1st Semester

 CodeCourse NameCredit(s)
1MA1101Mathematics IA 4
2FI1101Elementary Physics IA 4
3KI1101General Chemistry IA 3
4KU1011Indonesian Language: Scientific Writing 2
5KU1160Introduction to Mathematics and Natural Sciences 2
6KU1102Introduction to Computation 3

2nd Semester

 CodeCourse NameCredit(s)
1MA1201Mathematics IIA 4
2FI1201Elementary Physics IIA 4
3KI1201General Chemistry IIA 3
4KU1001Sports 2
5KU1202Introduction to Engineering and Design3

3rd Semester

 Code Course NameCredit(s)
1FI2101Mathematical Physics 1A 4
2FI206XRelegion and Ethics 2
3FI2102Mechanics 4
4FI2103Electronics 4(2)
5FI2104Data Processing and Analysis 2

4th Semester

 CodeCourse NameCredit(s)
1FI2201Mathematical Physics IIA 4
2FI2202Electromagnetic Fields 4
3FI2203Modern Physics 4
4KU2071Pancasila and Civic Education 2
5FI2204Measurement Methods 2
6FI2205Experimental Physics I 2(2)

5th Semester

 CodeCourse NameCredit(s)
1FI3101 Waves 4
2XXLING Environmental Compulsory Courses 2
3FI3102 Quantum Physics 4
4FI3103 Thermodynamics 3
5FI3104 Experimental Physics II 2(2)

6th Semester

 CodeCourse NameCredit(s)
1FI3201 Computational Physics 3(1)
2FI3202 Fluid Mechanics 3
3FI3203 Statistical Physics 3
4XXMANJ Management Compulsory Courses 2
5FI3204 Experimental Physics III 2(2)

7th Semester

 CodeCourse NameCredit(s)
1FI4001 Solid State Physics 3
2FI4002 Simulation and Modelling of Physics Systems 3
3FI4003 Problem Solving in Physics 2
4FI4091 Final Project I 3(3)

8th Semester

 CodeCourse NameCredit(s)
1FI4004Nuclear and Particle Physics 3
2FI4005Scientific Communication 3
3FI4092Final Project II 3(3)


Elective Courses 

 CodeCourse NameCredit(s)Reccomendation semester
1FI2161Capita Selecta Earth Physics and Complex System 33
2FI2211Special Theory of Relativity 24
3FI2221Science and Technology of Optics and Magnetics 24
4FI2251Biophysics 24
5FI2261Physics of Volcanoes and Geothermal Systems 24
6FI2271Instrumentation System 34
7FI3111General Theory of Relativity 25
8FI3121Photonics Theory and Applications 25
9FI3131Material Science and Engineering 25
10FI3141Nuclear Application and Instrumentation 25
11FI3151Physics of Radiology 25
12FI3171Microcontroller and Digital Instrumentation 25
13FI3091Insternship 2(2)6
14FI3092Independent Study 2(2)6
15FI3211Advanced Quantum Physics 26
16FI3212Group Theory and Symmetry in Physics 26
17FI3221Material Characterizations 26
18FI3231Synthesis and Characterizations of Electronic Materials 36
19FI3241Reactor Physics 36
20FI3242Nuclear Fuel Management 26
21FI3251Dosimetry and Radiation Protection 26
22FI3252Electrophysiology and Bioenergetics 26
23FI3261Econophysics 26
24FI3271Network-based Instrumentation 26
25FI4011Selected Topics in Theoretical Physics 37
26FI4051Selected Topics on Biophysics and Medical Physics 37
27FI4121Synthesis and Physical Properties of Materials as well as their Functionalizations 37
28FI4131Electronic and Optoelectronic Devices 37
29FI4141Thermal Hydraulics and Nuclear Safety 27
30FI4161Electromagnetic Methods 27
31FI4171Computation and Smart Instrumentation System 27
32FI4041Special Topics on Nuclear Physics 28
33FI4221Selective Topics in Physics of Magnetism and Photonics 28
34FI4231Selected Topics on Electronic Materials 38
35FI4261Physics of Rocks and Porous Media 28
36FI4271Special Topics in Instrumentation Physics 28