Master’s of Physics Teaching Curriculum Structure and Syllabus

Compulsory Course(s): 27 credits
Elective Course(s): 9 credits (minimum)
Total: 36 credits (minimum)

Graduation Requirements:

  Program Passing Credits     Minimum GPA    Maximum Study Period
C E Total
Master’s 27 9 36 2,75* 3 years

*Minimum score is C

1st Semester

 CodeCourse NameCredit(s)
1FI5080Mathematical Physics4
2FI5081Physics I4
FI5181Experimental Physics2(2)

2nd Semester

 CodeCourse NameCredit(s)
1FI5082Physics II4
2FI5281Computational Physics3 (2)

3rd Semester

 CodeCourse NameCredit(s)
1FI5083Physics III3
2FI5084Profesional Ethics and Teaching Methods3
FI6098Final Project I2

4th Semester

 CodeCourse NameCredit(s)
1FI6099Final Project II2

Elective Courses in Physics Department

 CodeCourse NameCredit(s)
1FI5182History and Literature of Physics2
2FI5183Integrated Science2
3FI5282Physics in Daily Life2
4FI5283Analog and Digital Circuits3 (2)
5FI5284Scientific Comunication2

Recommended Courses Outside Physics Department

 CodeCourse NameCredit(s)
1AS5002Astronomi A2
2KI5273Structure, Function and Application of Molecules3

Except the courses above, students may take other courses from outside Physics Department as long as their choices are accepted by the departmental advisors and the head of master’s of physics teaching program.