Welcome to the official website of the ITB Department of Physics!

Dr. Fatimah Arofiati Noor

You can get a lot of information about us from this site. We are located in the North part of the moderately cold Bandung City, surrounded by the campus’ rich greeneries, which is an exciting place to learn at! Our facilities are always continually improved, and we are a very attractive destination for aspiring physicists in Indonesia. Since 1948, there have been 4 programs: Physics Undergraduate Program (Sarjana), Physics Graduate Program (Master and Doctoral degrees), and Physics Education Program (Master of Education), with each currently having approximately 400, 100, 100 and 50 students (excluding freshmen). ITB Physics is always seeking ways to better ourselves by achieving the best accreditation. In the present, we are accredited by ASIIN and we get “A” by BAN-PT for Undergraduate Program, “A” by BAN-PT for Master Graduate Program, “A” by BAN-PT for Doctoral Graduate Program, and “A” by BAN-PT for Physics Education Program. Those programs are supported by 65 teaching staffs who are organized into 5 research areas in ITB Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (FMIPA): High Energy Theoretical and Instrumentation Physics (FTETI), Electronics Material Physics (FME), Magnetic and Photonic Physics (FMF), Nuclear Physics and Biophysics (FNB), and Earth Physics and Complex Systems (FBSK). The Department has had numerous collaborations with various overseas and domestic institutions, and we have been rigorously involved in multiple researches and scientific conferences as hosts and participants.