ITB Physics Undergraduate Program


To yield individuals who can work professionally as researchers, lecturers, teachers, industrial technicians, and entrepreneurs.

Student are expected to have:

  1. Ability to demonstrate concepts of classical physics and modern physics by identifying physical properties of a system.
  2. Ability to model a standard physical system with mathematics.
  3. Ability to understand and to use mathematics and computing devices to solve standard physical systems.
  4. Ability to analyze a system by applying mathematics and utilizing computing devices.
  5. Ability to design and conduct experiments for physics or related fields and to process, analyze, and interpret the obtained data.
  6. Ability to communicate properly and to write an appropriate scientific report.
  7. Ability to work effectively in group or individually.
  8. Ability to apply one’s physics knowledge into interdisciplinary problems.
  9. Qualities of an appropriate scientist.
  10. Ability to learn independently and to continue one’s study to a higher level.