Totality in Research (SS#2)


Prof. Dr. Mikrajuddin Abdullah
Physics of Electronic Materials Research Group

When we see someone has successfully conduct research and produce many results (papers, patents, books, technology, or anything else) sometimes we just say: yes he was great, it looks so easy to produce masterpiece. But we forgot that behind it there is a sacrifices that if we take into account in terms of material it is simply a waste of time, waste of energy, and waste money. They did their research because their love of research and feeling of embarrassment if they do not make any results. They put research activity and the results as a “dignity” of a lecturer or researcher. Honestly, people more often avoid research activities because the sacrifices they made are not comparable to what they would receive. However, as long as we work in university or research institution, the research activities and publications will be inherent in our profession.

There are no good results that can be produced easily and quickly. Research can not be carried half-heartedly by using the remaining free time we have. Research is the totality of efforts for a long time by mobilize all intellectual ability, imagination, reading, writing, analyzing, repetition and so on.