How to Develop Physics in the Competition Era of MEA (SS#1)


Prof. Dr. Lilik Hendrajaya
Earth Physics and Complex System Research Group

  • In this era of AEC (Asean Economic Community) competition, development of physics can not be separated from development of job opportunities for physics graduates (perspectives: moral obligation of lecturers).
  • Physics is hard (quantitative reason full of formulation and formula, skillful in calculus, liability to measure accurately), so we need a method of learning that is easily understood, ie with real and useful illustrations.
  • Restoring the abstract Physics to the Natural Science (essentially) produces illustrations and easy example and evidently it is very easy to understand and manage Natural Resources (biological, energy and mineral resources (EMR))
  • EMR sector has a lot of job opportunities, here Physics which is the science of nature (from classical to quantum) with very easy mastered methods of managing through the laws and principles, it is called Physics-EMR which was a “breakthrough” using KKNI entering the job market.
  • The entire field of Physics can “glide” to the Physics-EMR: instrumentation, computing, materials, biophysics, nuclear, and theoretical.
  • The competition and reality that the government has not been able to prosper the teachers and lecturers of physics. Requires a perspective and new paradigm of work (cambium, double-edge knife, dual role of lecturers)
  • In the EMR-rich regions, especially outside Java, therein vulnerable areas filled with foreign workers: The Wolves of AEC will find dining in the regions where the people are still lagging behind (3T regions). Bachelor of Physics produced in each of capital of the province or developed cities must be willing to learn Physics-EMR. Become smart and clever hare “against” the Wolves. Let’s help, We can !
  • Keep Spirit..!!