Eureka ITB 2016 : Innovation for Better Nation

ITB West Hall – ITB Society of Physics Students (HIMAFI) and Physics Department hosted the Grand Final of Eureka! Research Based Learning (RBL) Competition on Saturday, 16 January 2016 at ITB West Hall. The festive event, which was the ultimate closure of the four-month-competition, was sponsored by Perdana Consulting, Phiwiki, and Earth Physics and Complex Systems research group. The grand final was celebrated with seminars, RBL demos, and presentations from 10 finalists coming from various places in Java and Bali.

2016 Eureka Grand Final

The series of competition was begun in October 2015. Twenty proposals were short-listed for semifinal and the semifinalists made the apparatuses and the demo videos. The best 10 teams were then invited to Bandung to present their apparatuses. Dr. Widayani, the Physics Department Head welcomed the participants. “Gratitudes for all Eureka! committees and ITB HIMAFI who pioneered this RBL competition. I hope we will see innovative creations from the finalists.”

History of RBL

Research Based Learning was inaugurated in ITB in 2005. Prof. Abdul Waris, the Vice Dean in Academics of ITB FMIPA (Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences) explained that RBL is a student-oriented method of learning. In this method, students are required to apply the physics concepts they learn in class to create simple apparatuses. He hoped that this activity will gradually improve the scientific education in Indonesia. “A developed country is a country with rapid growth of science and technology. The key is in the young generation, ” Prof. Waris commented. This is in line with this year’s Eureka! motto, Innovation for Better Nation.


The seminars in the event were presented by 3 speakers, Drs. Hariyadi, M.Eng (LIPI UPT Institute of Instrumentation Development), Dr.rer.nat. Sparisoma Viridi, M.Sc (Lecturer from ITB Nuclear Physics & Biophysics research group), and Dr. Fourier Dzar Eljabbar Latif, M.Sc (Lecturer from ITB Earth Physics and Complex Systems research group).

Drs. Hariyadi, M.Eng as the first speaker presented a speech titled Indonesian Research and Solutions for Newest Issues. He emphasized mechanics as the integral part of physics. Mechanical concepts can be applied to create instruments that work with desired functions. With the rise of Internet of Things (IoT) concept, instrumentation technology is certainly getting more sophisticated from time to time. “Physics instrumentation could be the very foundation of various industries,” he concluded.

Simple Research

The second seminar by Mr. Dudung (Dr.rer.nat Sparisoma Viridi’s nickname) was about applying physical concepts in simple research. He elaborated lots of mundane things in daily life that are actually potential for further physical exploration, such as visualization of magnetic and electric field and chalk waste recycling. Although they seem obvious and cost next to nothing, they still utilize the fundamental physics concepts. The last presentation by Dr. Fourier was about the role of students in advancing science. He showed some international scientific awards earned by various Indonesian students.

Dr.rer.nat Sparisoma Viridi presenting a seminar titled Simple Research

Tool Demonstration

Last but not least was the eagerly awaited apparatus demonstration and presentation from the top 10 Eureka! RBL competitors. Each team had 20 minutes for demonstration, presentation and to answer the judges’questions. The audience’s enthusiasm added to the event’s festivity. Onlookers could see the finalists’ apparatuses on posters displayed in the center of West Hall.

Barakallah team demonstrating their RBL apparatus

After the demonstration, the champions were announced and a video of favourite apparatus was played. After careful considerations, Team Volta Adinira (SMAN 1 Sumedang) was awarded as the champion with an apparatus named ‘RUFEL (Run for Electricity)’, 2nd place was awarded to Team Kangen Mas Roni (SMAN SBBS Sragen) which presented ‘Alternative NiMH Battery Charger from Modified Floorcloth’. Team Phoenix (SMAN 3 Malang) won the 3rd place with ‘B-Thermal Ventilator’, and Team Endeavour (SMA Islam Nurul Fikri Serang) won as the favourite team with ‘Wireless Remote Controlled Motorbike Alarm with 2 Protections’. Each winner received some cash, trophies, and certificates.

The winners captured the moment in front of Eureka! stage