Bond order redefnition needed to reduce inherent noise in molecular dynamics simulations

, Dr. , Dr. & Prof.

In this work, we present the bond order redefnition needed to reduce the inherent noise in order to enhance the accuracy of molecular dynamics simulations. We propose defning the bond order as a fraction of energy distribution. It happens due to the character of the material in nature, which tries to maintain its environment. To show the necessity, we developed a factory empirical interatomic potential (FEIP) for carbon that implements the redefnition with a short-range interaction approach. FEIP has been shown to enhance the accuracy of the calculation of lattice constants, cohesive energy, elastic properties, and phonons compared to experimental data, and can even be compared to other potentials with the long-range interaction approach. The enhancements due to FEIP can reduce the inherent noise, then provide a better prediction of the energy based on the behaviour of the atomic environment. FEIP can also transform simple two-body interactions into many-body interactions, which is useful for enhancing accuracy. Due to implementing the bond order redefnition, FEIP ofers faster calculations than other complex interatomic potentials.