Dual needle corona discharge to generate stable bipolar ion for neutralizing electrosprayed nanoparticles

Widya Sinta Mustika, Dian Ahmad Hapidin S.Si., M.Si., Casmika Saputra M.Si., & Dr.Eng. Muhammad Miftahul Munir S.Si., M.Si.

The performances of dual needle corona discharge (NCD) as bipolar ion source to neutralize the electrospray (ES) particles were characterized and optimized. The NCD was constructed from a tungsten needle and grounded mesh electrode in the needle-to-plane configuration. The dual NCD created a bipolar ion environment by mixing the balanced concentration of positive and negative ions produced by each NCD. The dual NCD was placed in an electrospray aerosol generator (EAG) apparatus to reduce the charge state of the ES particles. Polystyrene latex (PSL) suspensions having the particle size range of 96–256 nm were used as the precursor solution for the electrospray process. Some characterizations to the NCD were carried out to obtain optimum operating voltage and air flow rate. The size distribution and charge fraction of the electrospray PSL (ES-PSL) particles exiting the EAG were also investigated. The result showed the dual NCD could generate stable bipolar ions by mixing positive and negative ions with balanced concentration. The bipolar ions from the dual NCD were capable of neutralizing and reducing the charge state of highly charged ES-PSL particles larger than 100 nm. The EAG, equipped with the dual NCD, could generate ES-PSL particles with stable concentration and consistent size distribution. The charge fraction calculation of the ES-PSL particles showed that more than 80% of the particles exiting the EAG were positively charged.

Advanced Powder Technology 32, 166 (2021)