Berita Duka: Telah meninggal dunia Prof. Tjia May On

Keluarga besar Fisika, Fakultas Matematika dan Ilmu Pengetahuan Alam, Institut Teknologi Bandung, kembali sangat berduka  yang mendalam, karena telah kehilangan salah satu putera terbaiknya, sosok guru, pendidik serta panutan yang kami hormati Prof. Tjia May On, yang meninggal pada hari  Selasa 5 November 2019 di RS. Medistra Jakarta.

Profil Singkat Prof. Tjia May On:

Name : TJIA MAY ON (M.O. Tjia), Ph.D.
Place/date of birth : Probolinggo, 25-12-1934
Official title/position : Guru Besar / Professor of Physics (retired January 2005) Head of Conjugated Organic Materials and Superconductors Laboratory (Laboratorium/Kelompok Fisika Material Organik Terkonjugasi dan Superkonduktor, FISMOTS) (until 2004)
Address : Departemen Fisika, FMIPA-ITB Jl. Ganesha 10, Bandung 40132 Telp. 022-2500834, 2512672 Fax : 022-2506452, 2512672
Email :

Education and Fellowship
Sarjana Fisika, ITB, 1962
Ph.D., Northwestern University USA, 1969, Fisika Partikel (particle physics), thesis title: “Saturation of A Chiral Charge – Current Commutator”
Research fellowship at ICTP, Italy, 1974 (particle physics)
JSPS research fellowship at Osaka University, Japan, 1980 (applied spectroscopy)

Official position
1) Head of research group and laboratory of Material Physics in conjugated organic materials and superconductors (Fisika Material Organik Terkonjugasi dan Superkonduktor/FISMOTS)
2) Member of Editorial Board, Proceedings ITB, until 2002
3) Editorial Member of Physics Journal of Indonesian Physical Society, since 2001
4) Member of National Advisory Board, Jurnal Sains Materi Indonesia, since 2001
5) International member of Editorial Boad of Journal of Nonlinear Optical Physics and Materials (JNOPM), since 2004
6) President of the Indonesian Optical Society (InOS), 2011 – 2013

Acara Penghormatan kepada almarhum Prof. Tjia May On, Aula Timur ITB, 6 November 2019

Special experiences
1) Invited speaker at the 1 st Asian Pacific Symposium on Nanoscience and Frontier Materials, organized by RIKEN Frontier Research System, February 2-4, 2006, Tokyo, Japan
2) Guest editors of special issues of Journal of Nonlinear Optical Physics and Materials (JNOPM), Vol 10 no 3 (2001), Vol 12 no 2 (2003), Vol 13 no 2 (2004), Vol 14 no. 2 (2005), Vol 15 no 2 (2006), Vol 17 no 2 (2008).
3) Invited speaker at the International Conference on Photo-Responsive Organics and Polymers (ICPOP) 2001, August 19-25, 2001, Cheju, Korea
4) International Advisory Board member of International Symposium on “Magneto Electronics International Symposium”, Shinsu University, Nagano, Japan, 1999
5) Chairman of Organizing Committee, “National Workshop and International Symposium On Mathematical Aspects of Modern Optics And Its Applications”, (WS-MAMOA 2001)
6) Chairman of Organizing Committee, WS-MAPOS, and IS-MOPOS, November 2001
7) Chairman of Organizing Committee, WS-ETAMOA and IS-MOA, June-July, 2002
8) Chairman of Organizing Committee, 3rd ISMOA, August, 2003
9) Chairman of Organizing Committee, 4th ISMOA, August, 2004
10) Chairman of Organizing Committee, 5th ISMOA, August, 2005 2
11) Member of Ph.D. Examination Committee at University of Twente (2004)
12) External examiner of Ph.D. dissertation at UKM, Malaysia (2005)
13) External reviewer of two candidates for full professor appointment in UKM, Malaysia (2003, 2004)
14) Joint Supervisor with T.T.M. Palstra of RuG in KNAW postdoctoral program for Dr. A.A. Nugroho
15) Honorary Chair of Organizing Committee, 6th ISMOA, August, 2007

Special Award
Recipient of “Anugrah Sewaka Winayaraha 2007” award from Indonesian government for distinguish services to higher education in Indonesia.
Recipient of “Ganesa Cendikia Widya Adiutama 2009” award from Institut Teknologi Bandung for unusually wide ranging internationally published research contributions in material physics.
Leading Scientist and Engineers from OIC member states (
Recipient of “Achmad Bakrie Award 2012” from Freedom Institute for exceptional contribution to scientific research output of Indonesia and the development of research culture in Indonesia.
Recipient of “LIPI Sarwono Award 2016” from the Indonesian Institute of Science betowed for the services in developing science and technology in Indonesia.

Acara Penghormatan kepada almarhum Prof. Tjia May On, Aula Timur ITB, 6 November 2019