Profesor Bum-Hoon Lee, President of Asia Pacific Center for Theoretical Physics (APCTP), Visits Our Department


Professor Bum-Hoon Lee, President of Asia Pacific Center for Theoretical Physics (APCTP) visits Physics Department of ITB on Tuesday, February 23, 2016. A theoretical physics group, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Science, ITB, received the visit of Prof. Bum-Hoon Lee from APCTP which located in Pohang, South Korea. This is the first visit for him to representative APCTP. On this visit, he gave a presentation about the research center that he leads. Some group members of theoretical physics ITB attended this event, they are Prof. Bobby E. Gunara, Dr. Jusak S. Kosasih, Dr. Agus Suroso, Dr. Fiki Taufik Akbar, and Wahyu Hidayat, M.Si. And this event supported by the Indonesian Physical Society (HFI). Beside that, they are some Professor from the other department and university in Indonesia was attended, such as Prof. Taufik Hidayat (Astronomy, ITB), Dr. Bintoro A. Subagyo (Theoretical physics, ITS), Dr. Eny Latifah (Theoretical physics, University of Malang), and also followed by lecturers and students of Physics Department, ITB.

APCTP was founded in 1996 with the propose to promote international cooperation in research and education in the field of theoretical physics in the Asia Pacific region. It begin with 10 members (from 10 institutions that represent 10 countries). Today, it has 15 members. It organize various academic activities, such as courses, schools, workshops, seminars, conferences and special programs. The research especially conducted by researcher at the program of Junior Research Group (JRG), it has same level with assistant professor and Young Scientist Program (YST) which is equivalent with post-doctoral. The research activities of JRG and YST program is focusing on various areas on theoretical physics, such as string theory, cosmology, super gravity, particle physics, quantum computing and theoretical biophysics. While, the conference programs, schools, workshops, they cover all of physics area in general, such as material physics, nuclear, neuroscience and photonic, both theoretical, experimental, and computational. APCTP also give an opportunity to researcher from outside (beginner researcher to world class scientist) to visit and make research collaboration. All information and activity can be known through www.

Beside introducing the profile, organizations, activities and future plan of APCTP, this event is to open opportunities Indonesia-APCTP cooperation.

Professor Lee also met Dr. Widayani, the chairman of Graduate Physics Program and Dr. Enjang Jaenal Mustopa, the chairman of Post-Graduate Physics Program, and a tour to saw the facilities in the Physics Department.