2015 Physics Contribution Seminar: from Physics to the World

ITB – The 2015 Physics Contribution Seminar (Seminar Kontribusi Fisika 2015) took place at ITB East Hall on Wednesday and Thursday (16-17 December 2015). The annual event that was hosted by the Physics Department since only three years ago was intended as a channel for physicists to give contributions in daily lives, industries, and government in the form of scientific research.

Dr. Fiki Taufik Akbar, the year’s head of event committee, said “SKF serves as a way for students, executives, teachers, lecturers and people of other professions to interact. There are 151 people registered as spectators and paper authors with 139 abstracts which will be presented in this event. The physicists come from various academic and research institutions, and there are various physics related topics. I hope lots of people will benefit as much as possible from this seminar so we can further our contributions beyond the scientific world. The main speakers who present their work are Prof. Toto Winata from ITB Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (FMIPA) and Dr. Adrin Tohari from LIPI (Indonesian Institute of Sciences).”

Dr. Widayani, the head of the Physics Department, expects all efforts that have been put into the event can deliver the best impact. She also hopes that participants form a better bond and understanding with each other. Resonating with her, the dean of ITB FMIPA Prof. Dr. Edy Tri Baskoro, M.Sc pointed out that the Faculty had organised 11 national and international symposiums, which was much more frequent than any other faculty in ITB, and among them 4 were organized by Physics Department.

“Scientific presentations shouldn’t be the only contributions we give. Our results must be implemented to answer the nation’s toughest problems. Physics, mathematics, astronomy and chemistry have a big role in giving insights to what actions should be taken by the government and other institutions. Science plays a part in giving solutions.”, Prof. Edy replied.

The two main presenters came from distinct institutions and research areas, Material Physics and Earth Physics. The first presenter was Prof. Dr. Toto Winata from ITB Physics who explained a quantum computation of an atom with two kinds of computational methods: L2 discretization and algebra. Both methods can be used to obtain the desired information about an atom.

The last-but-not-least main presenter was Dr. Adrin Tohari from LIPI Geotechnology Research Center who described the application of the methods on some movement active area to determine the slippery plane region and the ground hidrology difference. He emphasized on the calibration of the data obtained with the geophysics method with the existing geology and geotechic data. (tr:Florentin)